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Technologies Used
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What we have done

Our trading website is built on React.js, ensuring a unique and responsive user experience. Live trading data, represented through charts, is seamlessly integrated using the "Trading View" third-party library. The backend is powered by Node.js, and data storage is managed through MongoDB. Candle data, including open, high, low, and close prices of cryptocurrencies over specific time intervals, is efficiently stored and retrieved using Redis.

To facilitate backtesting, we fetch data from the First Rate Data website, allowing users to assess the profitability of their trades. For live trading, we've incorporated the Coinbase Pro API and utilize both Coinbase and Binance as cryptocurrency platforms. Docker is employed for efficient application building and deployment.

About this project

Kobalt Kapital is a user-friendly trading platform where you can create and test your own trading models. Simply input your preferences for the market. This flexibility allows users to tailor their strategies to match their unique trading preferences.

The platform's backtesting feature allows users to assess the profitability of their trades before going live. This practical approach helps users make informed decisions about whether to execute their trades, providing a clear and user-friendly way to anticipate potential outcomes.

So What is Next?

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