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Technologies Used
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What we have done

We initiated the entire project independently, developing both the frontend and backend components from the ground up. Utilizing React.js, we crafted an aesthetically pleasing website and ensured its responsiveness across various devices for a seamless user experience. The backend was efficiently developed in a matter of hours using our innovative product, "AppInvento".

Additionally, we've incorporated privacy features for document uploads on the website to ensure that only authorized individuals with the proper credentials can access the uploaded documents, preventing unauthorized access via the URL..We incorporated authentication measures to restrict access to authorized individuals only, prioritizing data privacy and security through the implementation of data encryption.

About this project

It is an internal commercial real estate debt advisory company, dedicated to offering each client a personalized experience ensuring access to competitive financing solutions that align with their unique requirements and objectives.

The website has three key roles: an advisor, a borrower, and lenders. Lenders is an individuals, groups (public or private), or financial institutions, offer funds with the expectation that the funds will be repaid.

Borrowers, whether individuals or businesses, receive money from lenders under the agreement to repay within a specified period of time.

The advisor serves as an intermediary, promoting communication between lenders and borrowers. They help borrowers in securing the best deals from the most suitable lending institutions.

So What is Next?

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