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IOS, Android App
Technologies Used
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What we have done

We've created an e-commerce website that focuses on user security through robust authorization and authentication processes. Using React Native, we've developed a cross-platform application for both iOS and Android, ensuring a user-friendly interface with seamless responsiveness and captivating animations to enhance the overall user experience. To keep users engaged, we've introduced the interactive "Spin the Wheel" game.

Our application offers a variety of products, and we've implemented a convenient scrolling feature for sizing, allowing users to effortlessly explore and visualize products. For developing the Android app, we've utilized Firebase for its high-quality performance. Additionally, we've integrated .Net Core into Android to facilitate simultaneous notifications or alerts to various users.

To ensure seamless and secure transactions, we've incorporated Razor Pay for payment functionality. We have incorporated all the features to enhance the shopping experience of our users.

About this project

SoleSearch is a digital marketplace for in-demand products. It has quickly become the preferred destination for enthusiasts seeking limited edition and sought-after items.

In 2023, SoleSearch introduced its Android and iOS applications aiming to be the ultimate hub for sneakerheads having various brands like Nike, Air Jordan, Yeezy, Supreme, and more. On this platform, users have the opportunity to bid on products, establish connections with sellers, and become part of a vibrant community comprised of collectors and avid shoppers. SoleSearch not only provides a marketplace but also cultivates an engaging space where individuals can share their passion and appreciation for exclusive and high-demand items.

So What is Next?

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