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What we have done

We have created user friendly website using React js and our innovative product, "AppInvento", enabled us to efficiently develop the backend in just a few hours. We are using reducer for managing and updating the state of your application and saga deal with side effects, such as asynchronous actions, API calls, and more complex logic.

About this project

Upshield is a top-notch security platform designed for the Web3 space. Created by web3 experts, it offers full-stack protection, covering every aspect of Web3 intricacies. Real-time monitoring is a core feature of Upshield, offering 24/7 surveillance for Web3.

The platform incorporates threat intelligence at both macro and micro levels. Users benefit from real-time security alerts, allowing them to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape within the Web3 ecosystem. This proactive approach enables Upshield users to fortify their projects before potential threats can impact their systems.

Identify and handle risks from external components and dependencies affecting your project. The platform offers managed infrastructure dedicated to security, ensuring compliance with leading security and data protection standards.

So What is Next?

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